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I spent just about two weeks in Budapest, Hungary with my two-year-old. If you’re new here- I’m a single mom and my goal is to raise my daughter around the world. We spent 7 weeks in total traveling Italy, Greece, Albania, and Hungary. This post has a list of 11 places my daughter and I enjoyed while visiting Budapest.

Budapest is extremely family oriented. The city feels clean, the people are friendly, and it feels like there's a playground on every corner. Also the majority of the playgrounds we spent time playing on we're FENCED IN. Which is a huge deal for our family. Before visiting Budapest I hadn’t known that Buda and Pest were on two separate sides of the river. Buda is the more hilly side and hosts the Castle District and Pest is probably what you think of with most of the tourist attractions and city vibes. The two sides merged together to create Budapest in 1873 but people still refer to each side as Buda and Pest when visiting.

A big tip that we started with was getting ourselves a Budapest Card! You can get this at most of the tourist help centers and airport. It gives you access to so many places for free or at big discounts and covers public transportation. There are different options for the amount of time your card can be activated and priced fair and affordable.

So if you're wondering what to do in Budapest with your youngest children, you've come to the right spot. I've also shared a google map that pins all of these locations at the bottom of this post for you.

Palace of Wonders!

  1. This is a science museum (and is free with the Budapest card!)

  2. It’s definitely geared toward a slightly older age range than Luna was when we went (2.5) but there’s still so much to do and enjoy for her. There’s different cause and effect activities to watch. A giant mirror maze. Toy building activities. Science shows. And if you go to the top level there’s illusion rooms and a space theme exhibit!

Castle District

  1. Again, I’m going to rave about the Budapest Card for a second because it was so beneficial when visiting the Castle District. There’s a bus called “The Official Budapest Castle Bus” that takes you along 4 different stops near the castle. It comes around every ten minutes so you can get off and take your time exploring each tourist destination before hopping on the next bus and going to your next spot. It’s free with your Budapest Card. (I think it’s about $10 without.)

  2. The Castle District was a really great space for Luna to run around in safe areas. She was having so much fun at the Fisherman Bastion just spinning around in circles and so many other tourists stopped to acknowledge her happiness and some even asked to take photos with her.

Hungarian Railway Museum

  1. This is kind of just like a huge outdoor park FULL of rundown trains. There are rows and rows of them to explore and some that you can even go inside. There’s a playground and a mini train ride for kids (and parents). We went about 2 hours before closing and it was completely empty. A really nice safe space for Luna to run around.

Tropicarium-Oceanarium (Aquarium) & Campona Playhouse

  1. I’m putting these two together because they are both inside the same shopping mall. The aquarium is downstairs and the playhouse is upstairs.

  2. The aquarium is fairly small but does have a lot to see and a cool fish tunnel to pass through. Luna kind of ran through the whole thing in 10 minutes and wanted to leave. She has a sensory aversion to certain noises and one part of the aquarium had a shower sound waterfall that was very triggering and turned her off from the whole experience. But before that she really enjoyed the tanks! She even walked in saying “Shark” which is huge for her.

  3. Campona playhouse is a huge indoor playground and was so impressive. There’s a giant toddler area, so much space to run around, and multiple climbing structures with slides and ball pits. There’s also a few giant blow up slides and jumpers. They have a coffee and snack bar and free wifi for parents. We had so much fun playing here.


  1. Elevenpark was another huge indoor playground that was even more impressive than Campona Playhouse. They’re the "same-same but different" kinds of vibes. Elevenpark is more adventurous play structures where there’s rock climbing, a very small go kart course (like for young kids), a mini roller coaster ride, and trampolines. As well as the climbing structures, ball pits, toddler corner, inflatable slides, and snack area.


  1. This is a really impressive children's museum that has multiple areas designed for children to use their imagination in real world activities. There’s a mini Aldi, airport, train station, flower shop, fire station, radio station, and just SO many different miniature spots to engage and play! It was absolutely adorable. There’s even a smaller play area for toddlers that is quiet that Luna found and enjoyed being away from all of the commotion.

Light Art Museum

  1. This museum was the perfect sensory experience for Luna! It had been closed for months and reopened on our last day in Budapest so I was so excited! We went on a rainy morning and it was very empty, maybe because not many people knew it re-opened.

  2. This is a very interactive museum and is very dark! There are different rooms and stations to experience “light art” and that visual sensory input. It’s beautiful and fun. I can’t say enough how much Luna enjoyed it.

Parliament and Olympic Park

  1. The Parliament building is beautiful and there’s plenty of safe space for toddlers to run around. If you walk through the buildings and down by the water you’ll make it to Olympic Park. A huge playground that is fenced in.

Piczinke Poni Udvar

  1. This is a really cute animal park and nature space. There are different farm animals children can interact with as well as pony rides. Then there are different play areas with nature based activities. A few trampolines, a huge sand pit with different pots and pans and little tiny houses to play in. There are a few buildings where you can host birthday parties and events. It’s overall a really cute space to bring your family for a few hours!

Ferris Wheel of Budapest

  1. I wasn’t sure what to expect when taking Luna on this ride but she truly loved it! It was definitely a bit pricey for ten minutes but the views were awesome. Luna loved the sensory experience of going around and around, and it felt like a bucket list tourist item.

  2. The wheel is located right next to a large playground!

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens

  1. This whole area is absolutely beautiful and has so much to do for a full day. The zoo is large and interactive, the square has a few huge playgrounds and so many safe areas to run around. We didn’t get to explore the Varosliget Castle which is right here as well because we were ready to head back to our apartment after a few hours of playground and zoo fun, but everyone recommended checking out the castle so add that to your list!

Margaret Island

  1. This island has so much to do. The dancing fountain is a huge attraction in itself, you can rent bikes to get around on, there’s cafes and restaurants, beautiful flowers and nature, playgrounds, cool buildings, and a family friendly Bath. Keep in mind- Luna is not potty trained so we didn’t go to any bath houses while in Budapest, but from what I’ve read the one here is more family friendly than others. (A link to the google maps)

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